Barcode Labels for Fabrics

for over 30 years

Barcode Labels for Fabrics/Apparel/Textiles:
(Pre-printed or Custom, Heat Transfer Labels)
  • Permanent and Scannable in
    - heavy soil water wash
      - dry cleaning in ' perc' or hydrocarbon
  • Low Profile-Applied Label is 2-3 mil
  • Laser-Print Quality
  • Anti-Static & Lint-Free     

Permanent Labels for Fabrics for
Tracking Inventory and Usage

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About Us.

An Industry Leader for 30+ Years

IPC-Tags provides high-quality permanent barcode labels for a variety of textile applications to businesses around the world.   We specialize in heat transfer & heat seal labels for fabrics.


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Our primary label product, a Heat Transfer label, combines laser-printed barcodes with a unique screen-printing technology.  This HT label provides unmatched performance for labeling fabrics  that are water-washed or dry cleaned.

Our high-quality, low profile label (2-3 mil applied) cross-links with the fabric as it is

heat-transferred to the fabric and results in smooth and professional appearance.

We stock pre-printed barcode labels, blank labels in rolls and also print custom barcode labels designed to your specifications.
Our Heat Seal labels are permanent in water-wash and dry clean, available for smaller orders, have a 5-7 day turn-around, are customizable, and provided in rolls of sequential barcode numbers.


All barcodes are unique serial numbers.  We maintain detailed records by industry of each customer's serial numbers.

At IPC-TAGS, we provide a high level of service to all of our customers, large and small.

Let us help you find the best solution for your labeling needs!


Contact Us

Label Orders &
     Customer Service:         Amber        

Accounting:                           Jo
Corporate:                             Barry
Financial & Operations:      Lori​​
Sales & Service:              817-714-8400
Orders Fax:                       817-887-1725
Corp. Phone:                    972-822-0934

IPC-Tags is continuing to ship labels during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Many of our labels are used in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and other related   industries, considered essential businesses.

We provide labels for Hospital Linens, Healthcare PPE, and CleanRoom Apparel.
 IPC-Tags is appreciative and expresses support for all Healthcare Workers and   First Responders.

Mailing Address:
1527 State Highway 114 West
Suite 500, #328
Grapevine, TX 76051  USA​​
barcode label for costumes

IPC-TAGS is proud to be located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area in Southlake, TX. 


Service & Support

Amber Nowlin, Sales and Service
Amber will work with you to choose the best labels for your business environment, a label design that showcases your business and a heat seal machine suited to your label quantities.
We can provide technical assistance, including determining the best application settings for your unique label applications, troubleshooting label and heat seal machine issues, and providing maintenance information.
Email Amber or see our Contact Us page for more detailed information.
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