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Heat Transfer Labels

Label Use Recommendations
HT Heat Transfer Labels are permanent labels in Industrial Water Wash and Dry Cleaning.   Used for over 30 years on Uniforms, Linens, Formal Wear Attire, Costumes, CleanRoom Apparel, PPE, Tech Fabrics, Natural Fibers, Synthetics, Knit Fabric, Woven Fabric.  Can be applied
to a formed PVC fabric.

Label Packaging & Description
HT Heat Transfer In-Stock Labels are pre-printed with unique barcode serial numbers,

sold in boxes of 1000, and can ship today.
Custom Labels are available in 4-6 weeks in minimum orders of 2000.
Thickness of applied label is 2-3 mil. with a smooth, professional appearance on the fabric.

Label Sizes range from  
size 99 - 10 x 33mm (3/8" x 1 5/16") to the largest-19 x 60mm (3/4" x 2 3/8")

Heat Transfer labels.jpg
barcode label on shirt.jpg

Heat Seal Machine Application Specifications:

Temperature:               380-400f degrees
Time:                                  8-10     seconds
Pressure:                       25-28 lbs. of inter-platen pressure/platen sq.inch


Exceeds  Industrial Wash and Dry Cleaning Testing Parameters:
+100X commercial wash cycles, commercial washer 160 degrees
+100X commercial dry-cleaning perc. and hydrocarbon


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