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QuickSeal-Heat Seal Labels for application to Fabrics using an industrial heat seal machine.  Permanent labels in harsh water-wash and dry clean environments.  Removable by reapplying heat for 3 seconds.  Each roll of 100 yards has approx. 4800 labels on a 3" diameter core.
Our labels have a gap for the lining up the sensor on your printer for beautiful printing results.

Heat Seal Labels are applied using a Heat Seal Machine. See our website for more application information. 
For 1 to 9 rolls​​​​ $228/100 yard roll, including resin thermal transfer ink ribbon. Ink is out to outside on ribbon roll, 1" diameter ribbon roll.  Contact Amber for discounted price quotes on 10+, 20+ roll quantities or a sample roll.

817-714-8400 or email

Roll - 100 yds Blank QuickSeal Labels (1.5" X .75"), Item #LB-41575

  • Material:          White Polyester
    Adhesive:        Heat Seal Adhesive

    Description:    Smooth Supple   Symmetrical
                              Permanent in Water Wash & Dry Clean.
                              Designed for printing with Thermal Ink and Printer that utilizes a sensor.

    Heat Seal Blank Labels are supplied in rolls, perforated, ready to print and Heat Seal to your uniforms, costumes, linens, or textiles.

    Stock Size: 1.5"w x .75”h (7-8 mil thick) 

    Heat Seal Application Specifications:
    Temperature:   375-380F degrees
    Time:                   4-6 seconds, depending on fabric thickness
    Pressure:   25-28 lbs. of inter-platen pressure/platen square inch

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